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Things to share with a top escort in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most populated mega-cities in the world and the most important settlement of India. For that reason it concentrates the largest number of companies. As acquainted escorts will inform you, this metropolis hosts entrepreneurs of one of the biggest film industries known as Bollywood. Let your stunning companions take you through the most outstanding spots of this wonderful town.

A city with a great contrast between British colonialism and the suburbs

Mumbai is famous for being the economic epicenter of the country. Its corners hide many treasures. Some of them are considered as Patrimony of Humanity. Your favorite smart escort will take you to one of the most representative symbols of this town, known as the Gateway of India.

It was built to commemorate the visit of English king George V. It is located on Colaba, a neighborhood established in the heart of the old port. It was designed by George Wittet who is known for his valuable contribution to the architectonic configuration of the city back then.

The Gateway of India was intended to provide the first sight of the country to those travelers who arrived on board of British boats as clever escorts will inform you. Ironically, these days this spot is remembered for being the point from which the last representatives of the colony embarked around 1950.

This place is frequented by locals who like strolling around at sunset. The adjacent streets are filled with restaurants and hotels for all tastes as Colaba is one of the neighborhoods that offer more options in terms of accommodation.

These strolls will open your appetite that will be a pleasure to satiate in the restaurants of the area. Take your lovely escort to delight on gastronomic specialties characterized for containing spices, rice, coconut and vegetables. After lunch, visit the colorful markets to buy some interesting souvenirs.

Impressive monuments that reflect the richness of a millenary culture

From Colaba, you and your striking ladies from Escort Italia can take a boat to visit the most valuable and impressive monument of Mumbai which is known as the Caves of Elephant. It has been catalogued as part of the World Heritage.

The island is only an hour away from the downtown in boat. You will discover that this spot is a unique oasis of peace. Portuguese people baptized this place after a sculpted elephant they found in the port.

The sculpted cave dates from the VIII century and has an extension of more than 4000 square meters as expert escorts will inform you. It can be accessed by climbing a long and steep staircase. It is considered as an authentic jewel of Hindu art with excellent carved panels and statues of gigantic guardians known as dvarpalas placed right at the main entrance.

Another spot that is worth to visit is the Prince of Wales Museum. This magnificent colonial building was designed by architect Wittet too.

The architecture of Prince of Wales Museum combines many Islamic elements such as Gujarati as your intelligent escort will tell you. This encyclopedic gallery houses very important prehistoric, medieval and modern collections of Indian art. It also hosts pieces of Chinese and Japanese virtuosos.